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Travels in the North

4. 1. 2008

Not so prosaically as Karel Čapek in his „travel book“, but by a common plane, I moved from the center of Europe to the its end to Trondheimu in Norway at the end of October. The main reason was to watch two matches of Rosenborg, I had exploration of the Norwegian nature, towns and the whole society on the plan. I have to be grateful for the plan to Norwegian friends who I acquainted during their Easter staying in Praha in summer 07. And thanks to thein invitation I like postponed my Czech business and travelled to realize my dreams.

After the landing on the Værnes airport about 20 km far from Trondheim I had a chance to take my first photo in Norway – the club plane of Valencia CF. You can imagine my feelings… Then necessary formalities – first luggages or about fifteen minutes long control of everything I carried with me.  So the moment of meeting my „guide and chatelaine“ Ellen Kolkind we went in the direction of Lerkendal Stadion, where should be one of the greatest match of club history in the night. I could watch the match as a journalist, thanks to the Club!

Then the dinner at Ellen´s and her husband Tor´s and we could go back to Lerkendal, where I was picked by one of my colleague-journalist from RBK Media Chris Thomas Skogli. He guided me in the area of the stadium including the Brakka house, wooden building which is a symbol of the club for many years. It is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of old years, each piece of furniture has its place in RBK´s history, you can see the spirit of an old RBK from about 50´s. The club tries to conserve this building in the same degree as in the past. It doesn´t matter if you are lack of space, everyone have become modest...

After it we had to lift to the fifth floor of the stadium, it is a place for all journalists from the whole world. I could see parts of the technical facilities where the pre-match TV studio is filmed. Then we found our places and sit there. Journalist must be certainly satisfied with the conditions at Lerkendal. Their places are in the middle of the stand, at the top of it. And what the buffet for free…

The stadium was getting warm several minutes before the match. Singing club-songs, which are know by every small child in Trondheimu, but the main performance was played by Glenn Hysén, who said before RBK match in London against Chelsea Rosenborg isn´t able to get any success in London. If yes, he will go on his knees several kilometers… His first meters were done in front of the core of home fans with great applause of spectators.

It was able to watch the guests know about thein power in the first half of the match. But the pitch was totally full of Rosenborg, players in white-black tried to fight fully. They were awarded with cheering by the fans and mainly with the fact they played more better than Valencia did. But guests had dangerous attacks, but without any big chance to score. The first half finished with the result 0:0, but home players knew they can win…

Valencia started the second half with more courage, it seemed guests will take reins of the match. But then the goal of home team came! Nice ball from Mikael Dorsin, who several days after the match signed a new contract with Kluj from Romania, to „african tank“ Yssouf Koné and after a bit of fortune for home team goalkeeper of Valencia Santiago Caňizares had to hunt the ball from his net – 1:0. The second goal came after the corner kick and nice head by Vidar Riseth.

Then Valencia tried to turn the match, but the defense of Rosenborg was massive. Especially 37years old captain Roar Strand showed he doesn´t want to start pension. Very good match was also played by youngster Per Ciljan Skjelbred, who is an object of interest of many big clubs all over Europe. Thanks to my press-accreditance I was allowed to watch a press konference, which was unfortunately the las one for the home coach Knut Tørum.

Two days after I visited a trainning session of Rosenborg, the las one before Sunday´s match against Lyn Oslo. After about one hour and a half players were on their way to home, but not Marek Sapara, which was in the centre of my attention. I have made an interview with him in Brakka. Marek was firstly surprised with the meeting fan of his club from The Czech Republic but then he was speaking about his staying in Norway (the article with Marek´s answers is possible to read here: /clanky/in-english/sapara_-the-stress-on-t__248_rum-was-huge). I met Marek once more time, in my last day in Trondheimu. I obtained his cards with signatures. These are now at other fans of him and RBK in The Czech Republic.

Next episode was written on Sunday, October 28, when Rosenborg played its last home-match against Oslo´s Lyn. The message from the match is clear, guests weren´t able to make any chance to score. Rosenborg won easily 3:0, the last goal was scored by Marek Sapara. He was unambiguously the star of the match. Newspapers awarded him with the price called „Dagens Ivers“, the price linked to the legend of RBK – Odd Iversen.

There is a pub connected to Rosenborg in Trondheimu. Its name is Klokkesvingen and it is located in the center of the town. I was there with my new friend Vemund. The pub has two floors, but the amount of visitors was possible to cound with fingers of one hand. But I could taste the beer E.C.Dahls and in return the nice evening I gave Vemund a t-shirt of the Czech football national team.

Of course, I couldn´t forget to buy several things in the club-fanshop. But I was quite disappointed with the selection compared to the e-shop. But I bought some things which are and will be a remaining of my staying in Trondheim. I had great ten days there, I saw two amazing matches with five goals of RBK and none of rivals, I could watch last moments of the coach (coaches – also Stanislav Hajdůšek was fired from his position in TIK, Trondheim´s ice-hockey team).

I hope I will be able to come back to Trondheim, not only for a football match, but especially to meet the great people I met during my staying! And I hope I will be able to write a message to home ended with „Hilsen fra Trondheim!“.

You can see all the photos not only from the Lerkendal :)http://hiko.rajce.idnes.cz/and several of them in heres photo gallery (fotoalbum). Severals videos are here: http://www.youtube.com/czechrbkfan .



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