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Bořek's corner - XVI.

5. 9. 2013

Bořek Dočkal has been playing in a red jersey of Sparta Prague, but he could find enought time to answer several questions. The sixteenth edition of our series is the last, we hope that you, the readers, enjoyed the series.

1) You signed in Sparta, what are your feelings now? It's more of a relief from the change you've made, nervousness of something new?
A lot of feelings, of course, but I feel no nervousness . I'm glad I was able to change the environment because I was not a happy in Trondheim and the change had to come.  Now the feelings of the joy of a new challenge prevail, I can prove I can play football. But farewell was not happy, naturally.

2) Were there any more offers from any clubs? What about another clubs from the Czech republic?
I didn't take any other Czech club into the consideration. If I had to return to the Czech republic, it had to be Sparta. RBK didn't have any more serious offers lying on the table. There was an interest from a Bundesliga club but the negotiation unfortunately failed.

3) Do you know what was the minimum bid taken by RBK as acceptable? Did RBK make any difficulties for you to find a new club?
I do not know so much about the bids, it is the manager's job!  Anyway club could not ask excessive amount for a player, who was sat on the bench. I felt the leaders of RBK knew the situation and they didn't make any problems. It was necessary to find a solution, there was no choice.

4) In which moment did you finally decide to leave RBK?
I was determined at the beginning of the season.
  Not because of one match on the bench, not because of the "star" manners, not because of the low will to grapple with the situation. The only reason was respect!  Respect, which in my opinion I should got, respect I gained in the previous season, and I didn't feel it at all. I have played football for longer time and I can recognize the situation when the coach just waits for my improvement and when, on the other hand, he has no interest, regardless of my shape and performance. In addiion there was none who had the courage to tell me his decision straight. I don't want to work and live in such environment.

5) Rosenborg burned out this year in the Europa League. What do you think was the main reason of failure in Europe?
The main reason was that we didn't played in the best possible line-up . One can't do this in European cups. Players in good form were off the field, worse players on the pitch . Football is such simple sometimes. .

6) However, RBK manages to defend lead in the Norwegian league. How much do you follow the results of your former club? And how do you see the final rounds of the league?
 I will surely continue to follow it, I wish only success to the boys and the club. I will be a fan of RBK forever, it is not possible to erase the memories of the time I spent in Norway. Rosenborg will reach double this season, it is my bet!

7) If there is any Czech football player who has a offer from Norway, would you discourage him or recommend Norway. What should one prepare for before the move to Norway?
I would not discourage anyone.
Of course it always depends on the club, of which the offer comes. But generally I have only good opinion on the league and Norway in general and I can give  good reference . But one should prepare for the artificial grass, it is a big minus of the Norwegian league!

8) Despite some bitterness of just finished contract in Norway you can surely find some positives from the last two years of your football life. What / who do you remember best from this period?
Great people, I have met a lot of them in Trondheim and those I will always remember. Last year I had an extraordinary season, it is also impossible to forget. Still it's just football, there are more important things in your life! That's why I am especially glad for this life experience, knowledge, new lifestyle, language, people and interpersonal relationships.

9) Sparta is expected to fight for the title especially with Plzeň, in Norway RBK again fights with Godset. Are there any big differences between the positions and chances of the title at Sparta and RBK on the other hand?
I see both clubs in a very similar situation this year. Both out of the European cups, both with great chances for the title, and both with the sole goal - to get the title. Everything else is a fisco. I wish both to manage it .

10) If RBK wins the Norwegian title will you come to Trondheim for a medal?
I won't definitely come . But I will surely send some congratulations and I will watch some video of the celebrations.

11) If you want, you can send some message to Trondheim and the local fans...
I just want to thank you. I'm sorry that everything went as follows, and I wasn't able to say goodbye in a good atmosphere with a title for RBK! But I want to thank you for the support I had felt from the very first moment in RBK jersey, it was very important for me. Matches at Lerkendal were something that was worth it all!



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4Ever Dockal!

(Micromidas, 6. 9. 2013 18:48)

Thanks for awesome performances!
For me one of the greatest midtfielders in Rosenborg in recent years.
If the coach had put his money on you im sure the club would aswell reap the benifits when a new club would move in for a buy.
Sparta is a great club aswell and i hope that you get a second chance to reach the big leagues, because you definetivly have the skills to play anywere!

Re: 4Ever Dockal!

(Siafinho, 6. 9. 2013 19:52)

Yes i agree.
The Rosenborg management is like headless chickens.
As good as you were last season it would be like Atletico Madrid enched Falcao instead of sellign him before this season.
Borek i hope when i visit Praha that i can get you to sign my new Praha Jersey!