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Bořek's corner - V.

6. 5. 2012

Bořek comments the current situation in the Norwegian and also Czech football. If you want to ask any question, just leave it here as a comment below.


You finally scored on Friday. But the goal seemed to be  with the help of the keeper (or anyone else). What was the main reason that this chance was ended with goal?
As I failed in the previous two opportunities, the goalkeeper of the visitors failed in this moment . Perhaps it was a reward for patience, I tried it again after previous failures... I believe it has turned and I will increase amount of my goals.

RBK has lost one of the cornerstones again, now Markus Henriksen. Do you have any information about him now? You have many injuries in the squad now, can it affect the final score of matches in near future?
The injury of Markus didn't look nice at all and we are all glad that examination which  Markus underwent in a hospital after the match, went well and he was allowed to spend the night at home. There is a concussion and it needs some time. I have information he should be ready for the next home match. We have quite a lot matches during this month and of course any such an injury is a complication. We have had many injured players but I hope we will manage to collect more and more points.

The media says about interest of Bruges in Jim Larsen, we known well the story of M. Henriksen, who in the end rejected to change for this club. Do you think that RBK will sell  one or more players in the summer, what about your possible transfer?
I do not think that is close to a summer sale. Of course, RBK has certain financial limits and ideas and if someone comes with a really good offer, the club can't hardly hold someone. On the other hand we have some ambitions and certainly we are not in a situation when we need to sell anyone just because of money and the club will rather want to keep the squad or even  strengthen it. Markus is probably the hottest candidate for a summer transfer, but in football it's always difficult to predict. I think my transfer date hasn't come yet, although I have my ambitions and I would like to move ahead in future.

Norway won the UEFA fair play ranking. What is the difference between Norwegian football and players' behavior on the pitch and the other nations? According to available information Stabæk should take place in EL. But which team would you personally nominate to EL thanks to fair-play?
I do not think that the behavior of players is much different from other leagues. However, the Nordic mentality is generally different compare to the Balkans and the countries of Southern Europe . This is also reflected on the pitch. They have strict rules how to select the right team (number of yellow and red cards, etc.) so my wish does not matter much . Anyway I would send any club which has a squad able to get any coefficient points in Europe. Stabæk probably doesn't meet my criterion.

RBK is going to play against Harstad in 2nd round of Norwegian cup. How did the team find this opponent, as it is quite far away from Trondheim?
We did not follow it so much, but of course it would be easier to play against any local team than traveling somewhere by plane.

("Hairy Mom" is asking): I want to ask you if you come to get a medal for champions of Czech Gambrinus League and if you are going to take part in celebrations? Of course, if you have time for it ...
Unfortunately I can't manage to come. I wish the boys all the best and I would like to celebrate together with them possibly. In any case it is because I like them, they are my friends. Not because I feel any merit for the title with only one match played . This is probably the answer to the question whether I'll get the medal .



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(Oslo, 11. 5. 2012 20:12)

Nice! Good questions and writing. Keep up the good work :-)